Praise for Venus in Leo

“I keep playing HTRK on my iPhone until my world turns aquatic, entering it more deeply, yet moving beyond it. It’s an inspiring gift, this sense of the heaviness of wings.“ Mark Mordue, Sydney Morning Herald

“With their minimalist manner and the repressed tension between cohesion and dissipation, HTRK have moved from the early post-punk influences of Joy Division, Public Image, and Cabaret Voltaire, and instead have glided into a continuum of aesthetics pioneered by the likes of Scritti Politti, the Raincoats, and most importantly, These Marble Giants in the way they exuded a delivery and style that was austere and stark but hinting at a vastness of feeling and intensity underneath.“ Bob Cluness, The Quietus

“astonishing music that is emotionally heavy yet remarkably intimate” Paul Simpson, Allmusic

Praise for Drama

Mentions is a deft portrayal of love in the social media age at its absolute worst: when love becomes so intoxicating and all-consuming that you forget how to function in the real world” Morgan Troper, The Believer

“A powerful dub sensibility runs through the two beautiful, atmospheric new tracks” Ben Beaumont-Thomas and Laura Snapes, The Guardian

“Proper grown-up pop for lovers” Boomkat 

Praise for Psychic 9-5 Club

“Cryptic lyrics drifted like smoke within shimmering, skeletal beats, creating an album that was sexy, brooding and addictively dramatic.” Resident Advisor - Best Albums of 2014

“Dubby, not-quite-love songs with sparse electronics that sink into your bones, but keep their secrets close. It’s not the message that’s crucial; it’s the mood.” Aimee Cliff, The Fader

“An abrupt turn from previous HTRK releases, yes, but into leftfield pop excellence.” Noel Gardner, NME

“HTRK’s triumph lies in their powers to concentrate a mood into the specific. The songs reveal pocket universes, but barely a note is extraneous” Craig Mathieson, The Age

“Most essentially, HTRK's sound is once again driven by a kind of erotic angst—the same thing that made Portishead so good.” Will Lynch, Resident Advisor

Psychic 9-5 Club is the nigh-on flawless 3rd album from HTRK - quite easily their most ambitious and rewarding outing yet.” Boomkat

“Enclosed in its extensive, enveloping haunt it has a magnetism which secures submission. A fictitious club to get lost in” Tim Wilson, The Ransom Note

“Psychic 9–5 Club is an album that reveals its full dynamism only with a decent stereo set-up – or, ideally, through a proper club PA. At volume, the stereo field envelops the body, and the music’s rhythmic structure seems to mirror the heart’s beat.” Anwen Crawford, The Monthly

“At last, HTRK are inhabiting their own spotlight instead of disappearing into negative space, and by shearing off the mystique, they’ve become much more riveting.” Conrad Tao, Tiny Mix Tapes

“A devastating, impossibly good record”  Lijah Fosl, Tiny Mix Tapes